IDEN, the largest treasure hunt on mobile For all
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IDEN, the largest treasure hunt on mobile

Virtual Game, Real Prizes

The treasure hunt on

The Concept

IDEN is the largest treasure hunt launch on mobile, download this spring our free application and start your journey to find treasures around you.

We’ve hidden hundreds of virtual vaults in the public areas around you, use IDEN to find them using our “hot and cold” scanner to win instantly IDEN credits, real gifts or some cash !

IDEN is available on iOS and Android !
Win today amazing gifts in the app !

Download the app
Win amazing prizes playing with IDEN app
Win IDEN credits, gifts or cash playing IDEN
IDEN's app design is based on the popular hot & cold scavenger hunt game we all played once

COLD - WARM - HOT gameplay

IDEN has a simple design based on one of the most famous game we all played during our childhood : the Hot & Cold hunting game.

Looking for our virtual vaults is really intuitive, just follow the app : if you’re quite away from the nearest vault, you get cold, the more closer your are, the warmer your get.

If you’re close to a vault you can simply catch it, we’ll tell you in a couple of seconds what did you win (credits, gifts or maybe cash)

Download the app !

IDEN is now available on your favorite store, download it now !

Be an IDEN Partner and use it as an innovative communication tool

Brands Partnerships

IDEN is also a great tool to promote your business, displaying in-game promoted campaigns optimized for your activity

They trust us !

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